Sunday, December 26, 2010

CEO's Note - December

It Could Happen to Your Kids Too

Many parents understand that there are Safety issues out there but they feel
that they their children are somehow invincible and that the stories they
hear are only applicable to other children. Unfortunately, reality shows
different facts. Regardless of background or education kids are getting
involved with activities like cyberbullying or being attracted by online
predators - and often they don't even know what they have gotten in to.

According to iSAFE 58% of kids admit someone has said mean or hurtful things
to them online and 53% admit having said mean or hurtful things to other
kids. The Internet is the new playground for bullying and and there are no
off hours.

So, I challenge parents to start NOW and take the next step to understand
that their children are vulnerable and educate themselves and their
children. Check out the full article here to learn the
basics about cyberbullying and how to protect your child.

Hanan Lavy, CEO
United Parents 

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