Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be Careful What You Post

In the wake of the recent tragedy in Arizona many fingers are being pointed beyond the crime itself and to the factors leading up to it, such as what can be found online.  The accused had YouTube videos, Facebook posts et cetera that are being questioned and certain politicians are under fire for exercising their freedom of speech in an edgy manner such that the average citizen could take the material to mean something literal.  Beyond whether or not this is acceptable when looking at a crime the point is that the Internet is there and the information posted on it is indelible.  What is posted online can and will be used to formulate opinions and draw conclusions not only for prosecuting criminals but for personifying and classifying individuals.  The point we'd like to make to parents today is-- Talk to your children about what they post online and continue to monitor their behavior to protect them from being classified in a negative way or from potentially harmful situations.